Monday, May 16, 2005

A beautiful Spring day in London, so we visit Hyde Park

I had been waiting all winter to go into the Lillywhites Sports Store on Piccadilly Circus and buy a new football (soccer ball), and then go into Hyde Park on a sunny day and kick it as hard and as far as I could - well today was the day!!

We woke up to an amazing morning outside our big lounge room windows, and the forecast on our laptop's Weather Widget told us that it was already 12 degrees at 9am, and that we were headed for 18 degrees!!! So after talking about it last night at the Engagement Party we went to, we called some of our friends and pulled together a crowd, packed a backpack, and headed to the Lillywhites store and then back to Hyde Park on the bus so we could make the most of the beautiful day in London..

As we approached the park along Kensington Road and the Albert Memorial, we could see the massive crowds already there who were doing the same - I have always remembered my mate Brett telling me about these summery days when he was here, and how he would try and explain to me that in a park as huge as this one (140 hectares or 350 acres), you can have so many people there enjoying the sunshine that is is often difficult to get an area to kick a ball around etc. Well, I've now seen it for myself and how right he was! People absolutely everywhere as far as you could see, and we could only see a very small part of this massive open space.. Only people who have been here and walked through it can really fathom how big the park is!

We stayed there with our friends until past 5:30pm, having a few exhausting 4-a-side football games and also kicking a Sherrin aussie rules ball that someone brought along, - and as we packed up there were still people coming into the park with bottles of wine, cooler bags, blankets and picnic dinners, with the sunlight now lasting until past 8pm because of daylight saving.

We will definitely be doing it as often as we can over what is shaping up to be a warm summer.. (the media is predicting 'heatwave' condition in August - i.e. the temperature will get over 30 degrees!!!!)


Currently listening to: Coldplay - Speed of Sound (the first release off of their highly-anticipated upcoming album, X & Y - I expect this CD will be a must-have summer 2005 album in the UK)


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