Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Seeing everyone while back in Brisbane

While we've been back we've been trying to see everyone in between the two weddings, and of course there's been a few big nights out, a night down at Canungra, a great day spent up the coast with family friend Merle, and plenty of time spent between our two family's seeing them before we head back to the UK for the the next 18+ months.

Below are a few photos from while we were home, as well as a few stories.

While down at Canungra for a few days, we got to witness some expert repair work on the side of one of the water tanks, which had sprung a leak yet again - this time some concrete and besser block reinforcing were required to plug the leak, along with the use of a hairdryer to quick-dry the concrete - one of the funniest things I've ever watched, but wasn't allowed to laugh out loud at!

Carly and her dad Ross trying to fix the tank! Great stuff!

We had a big night out with Kate and James while home, which started at the Regatta Hotel, and ended with some trolley driving on the way home, and a visit to Lyndall's house at Toowong.

Me and James making 'toasties' at home at the end of the night; and Carly and I hit the wall

We also saw Matt and Carmen while back home, and had a great night at their place at Kangaroo Point.

Matt and I in the kitchen

And we went to Rosalie and had dinner with all our friends from the northside.

Ang, ReneƩ W, Laura, and Carly at the Bali Grill at Rosalie



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