Wednesday, April 13, 2005

leaving Brisbane & back to London

Because of an earlier debacle with Qantas staff travel embargoes, we departed Brisbane on separate flights, very late on Monday night.. I’m typing this from Karen’s place in Putney, having just heard from Carly that she has finally landed at Heathrow and is making her way to here on the Tube to start repacking our bags for our very early flight to Spain tomorrow.. I travelled on Malaysian Airlines via a 3 hour stopover in Kuala Lumpur, whereas Carly drew the short straw with her last-minute booked Singapore Air flight and came via a miserable 6 hour stopover in Singapore, and then the daytime last leg from Asia up into Europe.. having done both the overnight final leg, AND now that leg of the journey in the daytime, I can say that I much prefer the night time – at least you can sleep, rather than enduring a 13 hour daytime flight as the jet chases the sun – all up it means you are in sunlight for 20 hours!! No thanks!

I know how bad I’m feeling, so I cannot imagine how she’ll be when she gets off of the Underground shortly. We’ll be repacking all of our summer clothes for the next week away, and will probably only get 3 hours sleep (ontop of our jetlag) before we’ll be picking up the bags again and heading to Stanstead and Spain..

Time for sleep..


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