Monday, April 04, 2005

Carly goes to Therese's 50th at 'Innisfree' (near Mansfield, Victoria)

Over the weekend just gone, Carly travelled down to Melbourne to celebrate her Aunty Therese's 50th Birthday, at their family weekender - Innisfree - near Mansfield, Victoria.

With brother James and her parents also making the trip, they helped pull together a surprise birthday party for Therese, and got all of their Melbourne family and friends up there for a very big birthday night at a small local restuarant.

Below are a few photos from the big night - by the look of these i'm sorry I missed it all!!

Carly with some of her family..

..and more of her Melbourne-based family

Therese's elest daughters Catherine & Susan; and Carly & cousin Amanda

Bill & Therese; Carly's with her mum Jen & aunty Sally

counsin-in-law Kyle; and Carly's dad & mum late in the night

Carly & Kyle late in the night; and Carly and her bottle on the walk home



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