Sunday, April 24, 2005

back to London, and the house-hunting begins

With our amazing trip to Spain over, we've returned to normal life in London and our temporary accommodation yet again in Karen W's flat at Putney, however this time she has taken flight and has moved into her boyfriend Andy's house at Watford.

So, we're back to square one - after our trip back to Brisbane it almost feels like we've arrived 'fresh of the boat' again with no where to live, so yesterday and today we've been hitting the streets and visiting the numerous Real Estate letting agents in the areas we'd like to try and find a new flat to rent in. We've also been on the web non-stop since returning, searching for anything suitable that we can go and inspect.

From where we lived last time in Fulham (next to Parson's Green tube), we would ideally like to be based somewhere around the Parson's Green area, putting us a little closer to town than before, and one less station outbound on the horrid District Line to Wimbledon. This will also put us close to friend Renee W. who now lives near Fulham Broadway.

We've seen a few yesterday around Fulham, but nothing too promising as yet. Everything is only on the market for such a limited time gievn the demand for the areas we are looking in, and if it isn't snapped up straight away, then there is usually a reason for that such as the distance from the Tube, or being in a dodgy area. While Carly is still trying to get things organised to start her Nursing contracting work, she will continue the search during the week while I unfortunately head back to work at Ealing Council..

Fingers crossed for something soon. We've only got a limited tenure at Karen's place while she searches for a replacement tenant, and while her current flatmate is away in Australia. And incase you're counting, this is the 3rd time we've bunked up at her place here in Putney - however with her move out to Watford, it will sadly be the last.. So goodbye Hill Court!



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