Saturday, March 05, 2005

We leave Barnes, and head to France

Just a quick note to mark our departure from our share-house experience at Barnes (thanks to Jason the Canadian for helping us out for 3 weeks!), finishing my job at Ealing Council and Carly's at SOS International, and leaving for our first European skiing trip.

All week we've been getting ready to leave, packing up everything at Barnes, and getting our ski gear packed and ready to fly out very early this morning. As I type these notes we are in the air onboard our Monarch Airlines chartered flight from London Gatwick, to Lyon in France, before transferring by bus up into the Alps to Les Deux Alpes resort.

Last night Darren and Alison helped us move all of our gear on the bus from Barnes, to their place up the road at Putney, where we stayed last night. But it wasn't the quiet night we'd planned - the boys headed down to the Putney High Street and had a very late on the Lagers at the Spotted Horse pub, even managing to get ourselves into the lock-in until 1pm. This of course probably wasn't the best thing to do when you need to get up 2 hours later at 3:30am and into a taxi at 4am for the drive out to Gatwick. Lucky we stopped for those burgers on the way home eh Daz!!?

My head is hurting right now, and behind me so is Darren's, but the thought of that fresh snow and fresh air at 26oom in a few hours is numbing the pain!! Time to close the lid of the PowerBook and get some shut-eye while I can - I have a feeling this week is gonna be a big one!!



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