Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Travelling back to Brisbane via Singapore

Well the ski trip is over, and we're again back at our perpetual boarding house at Karen W's place at Putney (thanks Karen!). This morning we are re-packing our clothes yet again, and storing our winter gear into Karen's already packed cupboards (thanks again to Karen!). But as is our style we've still got a list of things to get done today before we make our way to the Piccadilly Line, such as shopping for a few last minute items in the West End, and collecting some promised Chelsea Football club souvenirs at Fulham for Bill and Justine from QR. Tonight we head back out to Heathrow, for our flights back to Brisbane via a 2 day stopover in Singapore to recover from the ski trip. We'll be making the most of the rest stop to prepare ourselves for what will be a big first weekend back in Brisbane, with Conan's wedding on the Saturday morning the day after we arrive. Although it will have only been six months almost to the day since we left, there'll be plenty of catching up with family and friends to do.

Because of a Qantas embargo, Carly has had to book a full-priced return fare on Singapore Air to get us both home and back to London for the two weddings. This means that on both trips, we will be on seperate planes, getting in at nearly identical times. Doing this hasn't played well for our budget at the moment, but we'll have to take it on the chin to be home for these two big events.. We both fly out of different terminals at Heathrow at almost the same time, and arrive into Singapore early in the evening to different terminals at similar times where we'll meet up again - the plan is to just book a hotel at the Changi airport when we arrive, and then spend a few days relaxing around the city just shopping and eating, visiting Raffles Hotel and the famous Long Bar and we're also planning to see the Singapore Zoo. After the chaos of the week of skiing, sleeping in is also high on the list!

After the two days break, we arrive into Brisbane from Singapore early on Friday morning (again on different flights but at almost the same time), and we've already been warned about a welcoming party at the arrivals gate at Brisbane International.

Back to the packing..



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