Monday, March 21, 2005

Back to Brisbane for Conan and Sharleen’s Wedding

Having arrived into Brisbane on Friday at 7am, we spent the day at my parents place, and then headed into Spring Hill for dinner with both our families at the Smith's place. A very long night ensued, and in the end we had to hit the hay because the next day we were attending one of the two big events we had flown across the world for - the wedding of our friends Sharlene & Conan.

Conan's bucks night which I missed as I was still in Singapore

We travelled out to Ipswich courtesy of Gav and Angela, and joined up with Dale and Laura at the Motel we were staying at that night. After catching up for a bit we hurriedly got dressed and headed to a beautiful gardens area where the service would be, and met a nervous looking Conan, and best man Daniel who'd also made the trip from the UK. All of our friends were there (with the exception of Brett who'd been called to China for work) for this the first of the Bracken Ridge guys to get married!

Daniel, with Conan the groom; and all of the boys together again

Gav, Ang, Elise, Carly, Laura

The ceremony

Sharlene arrived a little later with her father and sister and the beautiful ceremony went off without a hitch. After the usual congratulations we headed back to the Motel for the first of many drinks that night, and for me to get ready for my gig that night - Conan had asked me to play the music for the reception, so I had to pull together a few playlists for the night - we all met back at the reception (held at the RSL) later on, and with the arrival of the bride and groom the evening got started.

Todd and I being gooses with the laptop and headphones; and And & Gav

Daniel as Best Man delivered his speech, and with the music getting louder and the drinks coming faster we started getting out on the dancefloor. The night seemed to fly by, perhaps partly due to my stressing about what to play next every 5 minutes or so, but the music seemed to all go well. By the time last drinks were called and the reception began to wind up, i'm not so sure anyone could remember what i'd played!

Dan's best man speech

Conan and his mum; Carly and me

Conan and Mrs Coxen

Everyone being stupid; and Daniel collecting his 'last drinks'

The guests began to file out of the place, and despite our best efforts to get packed up in time, we missed the last courtesy bus back to the hotel - we were almost pushed out the door by the RSL staff, and to top it off Conan and Sharlene as husband and wife were the very last to leave!!

We went outside and waited for our ordered taxis, only to find out that bride Sharlene's parents had taken her handbag with them, which contained the keys to their B&B for their wedding night! What a nightmare!!

And so at midnight, the rest of the guests piled into their taxis, and we left the bride and groom waiting on the side of an Ipswich street waiting for their room keys to arrive! The only people we know who could pull this off with grace are these two, even while wearing a their wedding suit and wedding dress!!

We all headed back to our Motel rooms, where the night continued with an impromptue party, a few games of backgammon, a 'free' box of champagne we were meant to look after for the bride's parents (but accidently drank!) and various other eventful moments which certain people won't forget for awhile (eh Buse!?)..

Back at the Motel 'after-party'

Everyone met up for a breakfast the next day before heading back to Brisbane to fully recover, and trade photos from the great day before. We also had to fess up about the consumed box of champagne!!

Conan and his now father-in-law turn up to breakfast in the same clothes and watch!!



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