Tuesday, February 15, 2005

We're moving house from Fulham to Barnes

We have been packing and cleaning over the weekend, and tonight we make our big move to our new place at Barnes - for our short three week stay which takes us up to when are away skiing from the 5th of March, then to Singapore a week later and then back to Brisbane for the Weddings trip..

The new place is a share house in Barnes, which is the next suburb westwards from Putney (Putney is just across the Thames from where we have been living next to Putney Bridge Tube station). You can see a map of our road, Roehampton Lane here: http://tinyurl.com/4fjcb. We are renting the room off of a Canadian guy who has gone back home for a month, so it has worked out perfectly.. Thanks Jason!

It's going to be very sad to walk out the door of our top floor river view apartment, after what has been a fantastic 4 month stay as we settled into London life and dealt with our first northern winter (we think regular Hurlingham dossers Dan and Willow will miss it just as much!) - but at the same time we're genuinely looking forward to trying out the great london 'Share House' experience for the 3 week stint, and all the fun that goes with that, like racing for the hot water in the shower each morning, queues for the toilet, cleaning rosters, and T.V. channel arguments.. The other guys in the house seem nice enough though so it should be fine -

Our next post will probably be from our new place at Barnes, and if not, then we'll report in while on our weekend adventure to Cork in Ireland, where we are visiting my brother Michael and girlfriend Rebecca since they moved there last month - hopefully plenty of Guinness and good craic, and hearing about their first month living and working over here!


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In the news: Prince Charles and Mrs Carmilla Parker-Bowles announced their engagement on Thursday, and that they will be married on St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle on the 8th of April.. Apparently the goofy Prince even got down on one knee.. For the last 3 days it has been the only thing on the news, as the whole nation debates whether it should happen, whether she can be Queen, and whether anyone actually cares! As I became a bit of a diamond ring expert duing my recent major purchase, I had to post details of this impressive one:

Jewellers described Mrs Parker Bowles’ engagement ring as having a classic 1920s look which when first struck would have had a wow factor. The platinum ring, a Royal Family heirloom believed to have once belonged to the late Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, features a central square diamond with three small rectangular shaped diamonds, or baguettes, down each shoulder. Paul Greer, manager of Bentley and Skinner, the Bond Street jewellers to the Royals, said if it did indeed date from the 1920s then it would have been at the forefront of fashion. “It’s a very popular style at the moment, very desirable,” he said. "Platinum only began being used in jewellery in about 1910, so if this is a heirloom dating from the 1920s, it would have a very cutting edge design,” Mr Greer said.
“A diamond does not sit with anything better than platinum — it just works.”

-from The Times, 11/2/05

Good to see the Royals like platinum too!


At Wed Feb 16, 09:20:00 pm GMT+10 , Anonymous willow said...

You are right Carly and Shane, I will very much miss the fun of Hurlingham Court, though I'm sure you won't miss me phoning everytime i arrive and asking the flat number. I'll take a memo on the next house number -


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