Monday, February 14, 2005

We meet the LDA ski team at The Porterhouse, Covent Garden; and experience The Swan Hotel in Stockwell

Even though we were meant to be busy all weekend packing/cleaning etc, we still managed to get out on Friday night to the Porterhouse Pub in Covent Garden where we met up with the guys we're going skiing at Les Deux Alpes (a.k.a. LDA) in France with, so we could meet them before the trip - plenty of pints of Porterhouse Red lager meant it was a late night tube home with Darren West and Alison Willet.. A very funny 'Ski Master' Payne was a bit messy when we left, surely getting some good drinking practise in before the trip!

Then on Saturday night, as if just to keep the ball rolling, we met Willow at The Jolly Gardener in Putney (a great pub famous for board games and reading the paper on weekend afternoon's) for a friends birthday gathering.. After a while there, it was decided that the group would call a few taxi's and head across the south-west suburbs to 'The Swan' Hotel on Clapham Road (near the Stockwell Tube station) for some late night dancing. What turned out to be a great night ended at about 3am, when we began our journey home via a night bus, a Kebab/Chip shop at Clapham Common, then a black cab over the river to Fulham, and then a second bus down to Putney Bridge Tube getting us home at 4am.

We only managed to crawl out of bed at about midday on Sunday to start packing and cleaning - Nothing like having your priorities all wrong!


Currently listening to: Morrissey - You are the Quarry - I was told this album was good, so on Saturday I went and bought it having never even heard a single track! I think it is growing on me, but after the 3rd listen-through it may take some time. Also purchased the classic Lennon Legend: The Best of John Lennon album which is great to listen to while traipsing around London..


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