Friday, February 25, 2005

Finally! Snow in London!

It has been getting colder, and colder, and colder (just ask Carly!!), but still NO SNOW!!!

We'd had a few sprinklings of sleetish snow (which none of the Locals would allow us to call snow) on a few occaisons over the past few weeks, but this was the real thing!

With a day's warning, London was hit with a strong front passing across from the west and the Atlantic, bringing with it a cold snap and dry drifting snow for a night. Staying at our share-house at Barnes, we both got home to watch it come tumbling down, all the while the traffic carrying on as if nothing out of the ordinary was happenning - it had me buggered how they drove in the stuff, because I couldn't see shit out of the windows on my bus trip home!! We were also impressed to see the logistics in place to ensure the city keeps moving - all of the main roads are sprayed with salt to stop ice forming, and train station platforms receiving the same de-iceing treatment.

The snow starting to fall at my work Underground station; and Carly out in the snow near our place at Barnes

Our snow-covered house at Barnes; and the view from our window of the street outside

When we both got home we watched the white stuff keep falling from the warmth of inside our house, helped along by a very cold gale blowing it in at almost horizontal. But instead of staying in our pyjamas, we took the opportunity to get amongst it, just incase it was the only falls we'd see in London this year. We donned our ski pants, ski jackets, beanies, gloves and scarves, and headed out into it for a walk around the block. People were looking out of the windows and probably straight away realising that the crazies out in the snow at 10pm were almost certainly tourists! The photos we got were fantastic, including a few short video clips of some snowball throwing, and making foot tracks while skipping along the snow covered streets..

The view outside the next morning; and Carly in her pink coat walking to work amongst the remnants of the snow

One of the streets we'd walked down the night before as it came tumbling down

Although the following morning the storm front had passed, there was still a fair bit of it lying around, causing transport chaos for our trip to work. But it was beautiful to see all of the parks and Heaths covered in snow as we travelled on the 72 bus up to Hammersmith and on to work.



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