Thursday, January 13, 2005

the 'Spargo - A Place For Men' Mens Salon business in San Francisco sends an e-mail to 'the spargo blog'

If you've read the Public Comments added below our earlier Cardiff Road Trip post from December (see you would have seen where the developer of the website responded to our link and comment on the site in our blog.. if you don't know what the spargoman website and the business behind it is all about, read here:

Just to add to that excitement, we have received an e-mail yesterday from the business owner and creator of the 'Spargo - A Place For Men' Mens Salon business in San Francisco, Cynthia Batt, thanking us for our interest and also inviting me to drop in to say hi when in town!

Not sure when we'll be through San Francisco, but if there's any chance I fully intend to go get myself a 'foot massage'!! Perhaps if Dioth gets a chance for a West Coast stop-over on one his New York trips he may want to visit 'Spargo' himself..??

Here's the e-mail from Cynthia:

Thank you for the interest you have in Spargo...
I would consider it a great pleasure if you would come to the salon... men and straight men everywhere are now indulging themselves. Nothing feels as good as a massage or a pedicure which is really a foot massage.
Please visit when you are in town and introduce yourself...

Cynthia Batt

Good to see 'the spargo blog' and my name is getting some good international exposure, even if it's by accident!!


On the web: take a look at the pictures website of my Ealing Council work collegue Katrina, at, where you'll find some photos of me and the work team at various work functions, and also our new years night which she came to with all of our friends..


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