Saturday, January 08, 2005

Shane’s first work meeting in the City

I had my first work meeting in town today, at Westminster, just near the houses of parliament, No. 10 Downing Street, and Westminster Abbey.. I traveled in on the tube from my office way out at Hanger Lane (well, it feels like its out in the sticks in comparison!!) into Westminster, and on exiting the station I had one of those traveling moments when it really hits home you aren’t in Kansas anymore –

I walked out onto Parliament Square, where I was able to look straight up as I left the station and check the time on Big Ben as I walked to my meeting just around the corner in Great George Street at the Society of Civil Engineers building..

The meeting was for the new Crossrail rail project (see, which involves a new high speed, high capacity underground and overland rail connection from the proposed Olympic site to the east of the city and beyond, all the way underneath the city in 12kms of tunnels passing beneath and stopping at new stations at Oxford Street and Ealing Broadway, on its way to Heathrow Airport in the west – very exciting for a transport infrastructure nutter like me..

while there’ll be plenty more moments like this as my work starts to ramp up and get more involving, it was just one of those afternoon’s I won’t forget..


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Weather: windy with passing showers
In the news: Britain officially announces that the death/missing toll from the Indian Ocean Tsunami rises above 400, the greatest single loss of life in the UK since WWII.


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