Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Years Eve in London 2004

I hadn’t been working all week so it was left to me to pull together some pre-party drinks at our place, for some of our friends before we headed to Brogan’s pub at Fulham Broadway (see by the time Carly got home at 5:30 after a few drinks with work people, I had the place ready for a party!

Our friends started rolling in shortly after with Dan, Renee Wilson, and several others dropping by for some Harvey Wallbanger cocktails, and some bottles of Moet and Veuve (quality stuff, thanks Willow!!!) before he headed to the Broadway.. when we finally got to the pub after our warm up event, we were all ready for a big one. The pub was fantastic, not too crowded, and all of our friends were there, including a few of mine from work who joined us for what became a great night.

"Breakfast at Tiffany's" dancing yet again!

Karen and Shane

Willow, Karen, and Tim

Willow, Carly, and Ryan

Carly and Darren

Karen and Willow

Darren, Carly, Willow, Dan, and Karen

Carly as the night rolls on

Shane with Ealing Council workmate and fellow brisbane-ite Katrina

Shane and Dan

After plenty of pints and some bottles of champagne brought from the midnight celebrations, the pub shut its doors at 2pm (late for London!!) and we headed home via the 24 hour free Tube back to Putney Bridge. On the way across the Broadway to the station, Carly scored an Indian Chief’s headdress of a complete stranger who was happy to give it away – she promptly put it on and amused plenty of fellow passengers on our journey home.. the photos say it all – a great night!

Carly and Willow on Fulham Broadway (just scored the head-dress!!)

Carly's walk home with that indian head-dress!

Carly on the phone to home ("your just jealous you don't have an indian head-dress!")


Currently listening to: The Weekend – Michael Gray (our 2004/5 new years party song!)


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