Monday, January 17, 2005

First European Ski Trip booked!

With help from our friends Karen and partner Ski Master Payne, we have booked ourselves into a catered chalet with a large group of friends for a 8 days skiing and partying in Les Deux Alps - a french resort sporting a skiable glacier area up top, a large skiing area with a good variety of runs, and some of the highest skiing areas in Europe (over 3200m!!). See for more info..

So we will be heading off on that adventure in the week before we return to Australia, so we will have plenty of stories and photos for those back home when we return for the wedding trip.

Other than that, London life has just been rolling along as usual - we both had a good night out on Friday night down at Wimbledon with friends of mine from work; sporting hangovers on Saturday morning we did very little besides me being sent on a grocery shopping adventure, which I got distracted from trying on hiking boots for the ski trip in my favourite stores on Kensington High Street; we had dinner with Karen and Andy on Saturday night at her place in Putney with Andy and I talking non-stop about the ski trip; and then yesterday we went over to east London for a look around the Spitelfield Markets and to sample a Square Pie (which were everything our friends hyped them up to be, I had a Chirizo Sausage pie: Delicious! - see for info), and while we were around there we took a walk around the Tower Hill area and a stroll over the famous Tower Bridge - now that i've typed all that up it reads as a pretty good example of a normal London weekend for us..

My brother Michael and his partner Rebecca arrive into Cork in Ireland later this week, and right into some forecast rain, gales and possible snow!! - We are planning to get over there for a weekend trip sometime in late February once they get themselves settled in and start working etc.

We also have to book flights for our post-Australia trip to Spain shortly, which will take us to the south-western coast and the area around Cadiz.

And we realised yesterday we only have month left in our current apartment - it's going to be sad to say goodbye to the amazing river views from the 8th floor here and the brilliant winter morning sunrises eastwards over Wandsworth Town..


Currently listening to: Scissor Sisters (self-titled album) - absolutely brilliant album, and as Dan has told me from a quote he heard: "Camper than Ian Thorpe in a tent"
Weather: Windy, wet, and starting to get cold again, more storms and gales across the UK in the next week


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