Monday, January 31, 2005

Daniel's Fancy Dress House Party

Come as your favourite Movie Star or Rock Star!

Last night Dan had held one of these house parties before, but the rest of us all had something else on on that night just before christmas so we couldn't make it - and so after all the stories he told us from that night, we couldn't miss this next one..

We had been out shopping at Camden that morning for the last bits of our costumes, and then spent the afternoon at the Waitangi Day Circle Line Pub crawl, so by the time we got home it was time to begin getting dressed into our costumes as two of the Matrix characters: 'Agent Smith', and 'Trinity' - see the great photos below.. Carly applied a whole tube of black-coloured hair gel to get the required jet black slicked short-hair look for the Trinity character, and got into her new £2 leather pants and £5 long coat acquired from an op shop at Hammersmith during the week.. with her black boots and new sunnies she looked absolutely in character! All I had to do was don a black suit, put in my pretend 'agents' earpiece, a tie clip, slick the hair down, and put on this very dodgy black tie I got for £5 from a stall in Camden.

Karen (as Nicole Kidman) and Andy (Elvis lives!!) met us at our tube station and we were on our way.. We met friends Renee W. and Shane as we arrived at Dan's place at Ealing (dressed as John Travolta and Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction, including wigs!!).. We went inside to find Dan in 'Wayne' from Wayne's World attire, and his flatmates all dressed up as well.. Dan's brother Ben was there as well so it was good to catch up with him now that he too has moved over here to work and travel. Amongst the rest of the people at the party, there was a great Ali G, Marilyn Munroe, Madonna, a great Elton John, Morticia Adams, and plenty more..

Trinity & Agent Smith; Trinity and those leather pants and boots

Trinity and Agent Smith again..

The night rolled along with plenty of drinking, and soon enough it was time for Dan to roll out the Twister mat in the lounge room.. And so the night continued -

Shane and Dan starting their Twister battle to 'Eye of the Tiger'

Everyone got into the game (despite some people never actually having seen it or played it before!!) and we soon realised that most people were having trouble not only with getting the colours right, but many couldn't tell their left from right!!

Agent Smith on the Twister mat

Dan and Carly; and Dan and Shane

Shane in Dan's 'Mullet' wig

After hours of Twister and dancing in the lounge room, Dan and I thought, as we always do at 3am at parties, it'd be a great idea to call Gav and Ang in Australia 'cause they'd love to talk to us!!

Dan and I on the phone to Gav and Ang..

With the international phone card depleted, we then hit the streets at 5am to kick the Sherrin across the usually congested Uxbridge Road, that was until Dan put it over the adjoining property's fence - game over..

Kickin' the Sherrin on the road outside Dan's

With the football lost, and the sun now up, Carly and I headed home on one of the early tube trains.. Getting home at 9am, we went to bed and have slept all day recovering..

Apparently the next house party at Dan's is to be a Hawaiian beach party to celebrate the arrival of summer! We'll be there..


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