Sunday, January 23, 2005

Cuban Jazz in Angel

Carly read this during the week in a gig guide we always keep an eye on, and just from the write-up we had an inkling that this might be good:

Afro Cubism
....with live Cuban music high on the agenda with 10 piece Latin-jazz band Lido 66 playing a blistering improvised Cuban jam session. Led by Hal Ritson, who helped produce and performed on Eric Prydz massive number one smash Call on Me last year, the band mixes upbeat Latin vibes with Cuban rumba and contemporary dance music to produce an awesome racket that's shot through with passion and energy.

And so we ended up having our best London bar/club night out yet last night when we travelled up to Angel in North London for a Cuban latin-jazz night at The Chapel bar on Penton Street, just off Pentonville Road. The venue was a cosy dimly-lit bar with great big leather couches along the walls leaving plenty of room for a lively dancing crowd.. We settled at the bar on a pair of stools and with our tab running we got very comfortable with a bottle of red while listening to the 10-piece latin jazz band Lido 66 on the small stage area in the front of the main room..

Most, if not all of the mojito-fuelled crowd was up dancing (including the bar staff between mixing cocktails), the percussion members were playing some of their rhythm sections on whatever they could get his hands on (including the timber window venetians behind them!), and the amazing solo's from the brass section had everyone cheering them on and on for more.. by the start of their second set we had fallen in love and began planning our trip to Havana! - it was just such exciting, improvised, and energetic music.. once the band was done a D.J. came on with a set of even more funky jazz and latin beats for the crowd, which seemed like it was going to be staying on well after we had left at about 2am to begin our journey across the city to home - in future we will be taking Carly's hot tips on what to see and where!

I've found a great write-up on the band on the web, click here


Currently listening to: Lido 66 - Manteca (single track); of course!!??


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