Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Back to good old-fashioned sightseeing

Today we decided that seeming we both had a weekday off because of a Bank Holiday, we would head out to St John’s Wood to visit the Abbey Road studios and the level crossing off of The Beatles Abbey Road title cover. In just the time that we were there taking a look, we witnessed over 40 other people doing exactly the same thing, even on a weekday! We avoided joining the crowds in crossing the crossing and getting photos that mimic the album cover where the 4 legends were in stride walking away from the studios over the level crossing, with the VW Beatle in the left background..

Our visit to Abbey Road, St Johns Wood, NW8

Just around the corner was the Lords Cricket Ground – the home of the Marylebone Cricket Club and the official 'home of cricket', so we had a look around the outside and I made Carly take a photo of me near the entrance; after that we headed to Downing Street at Westminster to take a peep at the famous Number 10, I think we were obviously a bit disillusioned, but because of the media show that they turn on when people arrive to visit Number 10, we were both expecting to be able to walk down the street and past the front door.. but alas, because of obvious security concerns the whole street is blocked off and tightly guarded by armed Met officers, so the closest we got was about 200m, but luckily we could see the seasonal Xmas tree at the font door and the doors of the adjacent Number 12 etc.

Lords Cricket Ground - the home of cricket

Number 10 Downing Street (through a 10 foot high fence from a distance..)

After Downing Street we headed along Whitehall towards Trafalgar Square – on our way we came across the Queens Horse Guards, which is a traditional mounted guard that keeps charge over a vehicular entrance to a road access to the adjacent Park next to Buckingham Palace. Their stables and building is near Admiralty Arch at the end of The Mall. While we were there we were able to watch a fantastic changing of the mounted guard at the entrance to the arch which was great. While we haven’t seen the Buckingham Palace guard changing yet, this was a small spectacle in itself, and one that is steeped in tradition for the Royals.

A great unique day out! Its great to know that everytime we head out to take a look around we see so many things that you simply cannot compare to anywhere else.



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