Friday, January 28, 2005

Australia Day - London, 2005

Poor Carly came down with her first London flu, with the worst timing imaginable - the day of our first Australia Day in London.. All week the aussies in my office had been buzzing with excitement, with this Australia Day being the first for most of us in the Ealing Council transport team. I arrived at work somewhat late after staying back at home to listen to the last of the Triple J Hottest 100 via the web (as per my last post) - and yes! Franz Ferdinand come through as a convincing winner in number one for 2004 with Take Me Out, scoring double the votes of the number two track.

The day went quick enough, and once 5pm came around our group took what has become a well-worn route to the tube station via the Hanger Lane Off-Licence's to get some traveller cans of 'The Amber Nectar', Fosters, and then onto the Central Line tube for our trip to the first destination for the night - the Temple Walkabout pub in the City..

We arrived there to find just about every other Australian in London that day, forming up a 500m long queue which we were never going to see the front off - so we changed plans and headed up into the West End to the Shaftsbury Avenue Walkabout pub in Piccadilly, where the line was empty and we could go straight in.. But once inside we found that the bar was packed, and too busy for some of our group who opted out for a quieter pub across the street - but the faithful stayed true, with Amanda from my office, and my good mate Dan (who arrived shortly after we did), staying behind to party with the rest of the messy Aussies there..

We danced to all of the Walkabout Australia Day aussie song soundtrack long into the night (Land down under, Throw your arms around me, Sounds of then, etc, etc!), and as promised to the people at work, I wore my very ocker black 'Chesty Bonds' singlet which made an appearance later in the night!!

Me with the chesty bonds on and a Walkabout 'Snake-Bite' pint - very Aussie in London!

Amanda and me and my lipstick-marks!

And when i'd finally recovered my shirt and decided it was time to call it a night and begin to make my way out and home, a 'misunderstanding' with one of the security staff resulted in me being politely asked to leave the venue by the manager - I couldn't beleive it! being walked out of a Walkabout on Australia Day!! - it couldn't have been too serious though, the guys allowed me to get my coat from the Cloak Room, let me say goodbye to dan and amanda and have a chat, and just let me stroll out the door! If only they were so graceful in Australia!

And so began my long trip home via the 24hr bus from Piccadilly Circus back home to Putney Bridge - problem was, on this trip, I actually got the chance to visit Putney Heath at the end of the line.. I fell asleep somewhere around Knightsbridge, and the next thing I remember being waking up to the sound of a stationary bus and a view of a bus stop i'd never seen before!! - luckily the driver was making the return trip a few minutes later and I got home not long after.. Carly has very happy to be woken up at 2:30am to hear all about my adventure..

Amanda attempting pole-dancing with her stolen Fosters hat, and me and one of the many fans of my chesty bonds singlet (I don't remember who she was?)



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