Thursday, January 13, 2005

An alternative to the gym

Well apparently everyone is doing it, aren’t you all? Pole dancing I mean, the new way to get fit.

One of the girls at work had heard about lessons and we all decided to go for a bit of a laugh. After seeing the list of requirements (high heels and short skirts ‘so your legs can grip the pole’) we set off appropriately attired for a night of fun and games. It was great as a one off night out with a difference. An experienced umm ‘dancer’, showed us the basics and then we all got to have a go, ending up with plenty of posy photos to show off at work the next day.

Me and the other pole-dancers from SOS

The best part was that it turned out to be free after one of us broke a temporary pole in a particularly energetic movement, forcing 10 of us to share one pole for the evening. This, in the end, was more fun anyway as it gave us more opportunity to check out how good the others moves were.



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