Monday, January 10, 2005

8th January 2005: 1 Year Engagement Anniversary night out in The City (well, almost!)

After all the excitement of last years big surprise event at Bondi in Sydney, last night we decided to make a night of the 1 year anniversary of our engagement – so we got ourselves some champagne, set ourselves up in the lounge room looking over the river to celebrate what has been an amazing year!

But, after too many drinks and several phone calls home to the Price's and Smith's in Australia for a bit of a laugh, we realized we were far to messy to get ourselves to the Tube and into Shoreditch for our planned cocktails and dancing at a few of the bars and clubs we wanted to visit, so we quickly changed our plans and ran over the river to met up with friends instead to celebrate Darren West's birthday at the Spotted Horse in Putney, where we had heaps of fun with John Willet, Darren and Andy Payne, and by the end we were watching Carly dancing on the tables, followed up by a group finale of New York, New York, complete with in-sync leg kicks and very bad loud singing!!

Nevertheless it was still a great night, which our heads are feeling today – luckily, the weather outside is gale force wind and rain, so we aren’t going anywhere anyway.. More time relaxing on the couch watching the tide go out on the Thames!

Perhaps we'll try for The City next weekend!?



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