Sunday, December 26, 2004

Xmas Day in London, 2004

After the early morning the night before (i think that makes sense), Dan and I dragged our sorry selves out of bed (with Carly laughing at us) to champagne and a cooked breakfast as per our traditional christmas morning present-opening ceremony back home.. what greeted all of us when we went out into the lounge room was our lit-up christmas tree surrounded by presents, and an amazing London christmas morning outside with not a cloud in the sky, and the sun shining just like we were in Brisbane on a summer's morning - that was until we opened the sliding door and felt the crisp chill of the winter air.. we managed to take some great photos of all of us on the verandah, with Putney bridge and the Thames in the background - very memorable shots of our first London Christmas Day..

Our amazing Christmas morning on the Thames in Putney

Champagne breakfast

Opening presents around the tree

Dan and his new Twister board/floor game - see photos of it in action later in this post!!

Carly on the phone to family back home

carly and I had been hitting the shops in the week leading up to christmas and gave each other some great presents that you can only get in the unique stores that London offers, and surprise surprise carly managed to get a much-needed replacement italian leather handbag and wallet from Ted Baker to replace the bag that now adorns the shoulder of some Cardiff barmaid, a scarf and matching white wool beanie from Miss Sixty, a beautiful white Ben Sherman knit top, a great umbrella for those walks to work from James Smith and Co. (go see - it is a great store!) which is the oldest umbrella store in London, some books, and other presents..

I got some wonderful gifts from her, including a fantastic new shirt from Ted Baker, a CD, the new Adrian Mole novel, a new italian wool scarf, France Lonely Planet for the coming skiing trip, etc. just so he didn't miss out carly and I had brought Dan a few gifts, a Twister game which he loved (more about that later), and the Molrovia Travel Guide by the guys from Frontline and The Panel - ask him for a funny quote from it, he won't be able to resist…

After downing a few bottles of champagne together and some photos, and with Daniel and I definitely back on the drinking horse, we packed up all our drinks and food and headed to Karen Willett’s place at Putney, just over the river.. soon after we arrived at Karen’s we quickly opened another drink and once Karen’s brother and sister and partners arrived, the afternoon kicked off…

The start of Christmas night at Karen's

Carly and Karen put the roast turkey dinner was put into the oven, the vegetables were prepared, and with everyone there we opened secret santa presents and continued to down even more drinks as the music got louder and the frivolity began to let loose.. After the dinner and crackers, in traditional English Christmas style we opened up the trivial pursuit and had a game, before Dan persuaded all that Twister was the game of choice! – and so the floor was cleared of tables and chairs and the mat opened out, and the spinner taken by the referee for the inaugural Coxen invitational Christmas Twister challenge – this went on until people were incapable of distinguishing between left and right, and then even worse, between hands and feet…

Christmas Roast Dinner

Daniel's Twister game gets unleashed

Daniel and Andy's Twister battle royale - set to the tune of 'Eye of the Tiger' - match referree Darren overlooks proceedings as Andy ends up in the fireplace after some illegal hip & shoulder

As I recall it was about 1am by the time the three of us departed on our very cold walk home back across the river, where we saw ice and frost everywhere on all the cars and street furniture, and while it wasn’t snow as carly had hope for, it certainly made it feel almost like a winter Christmas.. and just to continue the night, Dan and I stayed up a bit longer with yet another Bailey’s and dash of milk nightcap!! Ho ho ho! Merry Xmas to all and to all a good night!

Carly and Dan checking out the ice on the rubbish bins on Putney Bridge

-shane & carly (and our xmas dosser dan)


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