Saturday, December 11, 2004

“..Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn..”

Last night (Friday night) I managed to score stand-by seats to a screening of Gone With the Wind, at the National Film Theatre here in London, near Waterloo station.. I had never seen the whole film in its entirety, but with Carly being a huge fan of the film I was willing to go through a bit of pain and stick out the whole 4 hours.

It was the digitally re-mastered version and was being showed as part of a season of classic films at the NFT. I actually really enjoyed it, not only because they allowed the proper intermission right when all looks lost for our young heroine (“as god as my witness I’ll never be hungry again, blah blah blah!!”) but also because I had finally seen the whole thing all in one go, and at the National Film Theatre to boot – I thought that Rhett was an absolute legend, and that Scarlet was an absolute fruitcake, but that’s just my take on what is a timeless classic..



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