Saturday, December 04, 2004

First Trip to Covent Garden

I finally had a reason to head into Covent Garden to see what the fuss is about, and it didn't dissapoint with all the excitement of the Theatres and pubs everywhere..

Some workmates and I were on our way to a house party at Chelsea of another workmate Katrina, so before we left work, we checked my new favorite website:, to find ourselves a suitable establishment in Covent Garden to share a pint in..

And just to make the experience more authentic, we stood 'outside' the crowded pub, in the freezing cold, and leant against the window sill enjoying an Extra Cold Guinness while the ever-hectic Christmas shoppers and tourists walked by..

After losing track of time at the second pub of the night (Waxy’s Little Sister near Piccadilly – again!!), we headed to South Kensington tube to meet Carly and walk across Chelsea to Katrina’s party – while the party was just getting underway and had great potential, we couldn’t stay long as we had our driving trip out to Cardiff starting early the next day..



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