Saturday, December 18, 2004

Ealing Council Work Party onboard ‘The Yacht’, moored at Temple pier -

This night was billed as being the big christmas party of the year by the drinking team at work, so much so that we had managed to get the entire team out for the event – no exceptions! We all boarded the bus provided at our office out at Hanger Lane, for the trip into The City for a night of drinking and plenty of crazy dancing on the Thames.. Chris and I entertained our fellow bus passengers with the strained chrous, of The Love Boat theme song - so... "come aboard, we're expecting you; The Love Boat, soon we'll be making another run, The Love Boat, promises something for everyone; Set a course for adventure you might find a new romance!" I'll stop there and just let you see the pictures and read the story:

Photo of the Ealing Transport work team line-up before we head out (sorry, thumbnail not working, but the Image will load once clicked on)

Shane in action(?) on-board the Yacht

Kate and Chris the Kiwi's

Amanda (Melbourne Girl), and Kate

Shane, our boss Geoff, Chris, Katrina, and Evan

The night ended up being a very big one for all of us there, with the last of us having to find our way home via taxi’s and night buses, on what was the busiest pre-xmas night out in town – the last Friday night before Christmas!! I was left to find my way home with new work mate Amanda (a.k.a. Melbourne Girl), and so after departing the boat we headed towards The Strand for the walk towards the buses at Trafalgar Square, walking past sights such as Australia House (the aussie embassy building in London), the Savoy Hotel, BBC studios, and finally at the end of The Strand – the magnificent Trafalgar Square, decorated in all its Christmas decorations and the centre of the square lit up with a huge Nordic Fir Christmas Tree which is given as a gift to London from the people of Norway!

The stayers of the team at the end of the night!

Shane and Amanda out front of Australia House on our long trek back to SW London

Melbourne Girl Amanda on Melbourne Place

Shane at Trafalgar Square, with the Norwegian Tree and those big lions!

I remembered seeing queues at bus stops on every street in the West End, longer than the longest taxi queues on New Years Eve!!! It was just crazy, but amazing to be a part of! After finding our bus stop and finally getting on one, we enjoyed some more sightseeing on the way home as the bus winded its way to Hammersmith Broadway and then another connecting bus home down to Fulham.. as always I’ve got some fantastic photos to remember it all by!!



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