Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas Eve

After an early finish to the work day, Shane went to Westminster Abbey for Carols and the afternoon service, with Fosters cans in hand from the off-license near work, we trekked across London to the famed church.. we arrived for the 4pm service at 3:45pm, and had to endure a 45 minute wait until we could get in the door – lucky we had our traveler cans with us!!

After getting in the door it really felt like Christmas with the Abbey looking fantastic and the crowd swelling out the door – and while I’m so far from being religious, it was a great experience.. we left the service before it finished due to our swelling bladders from the beers in the queue, and headed across the road to a small pub next to Big Ben, but after a few pints it was time for me to head home, as we had Daniel arriving for our Xmas weekend..

After I got home and Daniel finally arrived, well, the Xmas cheer got underway – Daniel and I proceeded to polish off over a litre of Baileys ourselves, after Carly went to bed and left us to drink until 4am.. our excuse, we were waiting for Santa to arrive.. we’d like to apologise to all those back in Australia who we rang on Xmas day Australian time while we were still up having fun, but that’s just it, we were having too much fun to consider others!!



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