Saturday, November 13, 2004

A Visitor from Home

After much anticipation, we are delighted to have our first guest from home arrive to stay with us for the next fortnight; yes my mum has come to visit. This is very exciting for us both, as being close to our families, we have been really starting to miss everyone on this our first extended move away from home.

Mum arrived this morning and was collected from the airport by family friend Kay who lives near Heathrow. They spent a relaxing day together, and then arrived at Hurlingham Court in the evening after shane and I had finished work. We have now spent a lovely night together catching up on all the news, with lots of hugs in between of course.

Mum is nicely settled into our spare room and suitably impressed with her view of the Thames! She has very favourably compared our accommodation to that of the flats that she lived in around Earls Court during her time doing her ‘London trip’ in the early 70’s. Apparently heating the flat was a luxury often done without in her time here, and a lot of time was spent in pubs, 'just trying to keep warm' she tells us!



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