Saturday, November 06, 2004

Shane’s interview at the London Borough of Ealing

As reported in the last post, I had an interview for a Senior Transport Planner position at the Ealing Council on Wednesday, which is a Council that covers an area to the West of Central London beyond Shepherds Bush etc. see

The interview went only just o.k. from my perspective, but I must have done something right because they had called my agent that afternoon and I had an offer on the table the next day – I slept on it and had to decide by Thursday close of business.. with my boring days driving me nuts and the transport planning role a very different type of planning and project management for me to head into, I signed up for my first ever Council role!

Apparently they are a young team of mostly Aussies and kiwis, and the work seems interesting enough – at the least it should be a good foot into the door and give me the UK experience that I need to head into The City where the big bucks and the big town panning roles are.. so here we go..



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