Sunday, November 28, 2004

Renee and Shane’s Dance Mat party

We started yesterday with a visit to the Borough Markets, where they sell absolutely everything, including fresh game like Rabbits and bits of Venison hanging by their feet, imported Italian wines, all sorts of fresh meats and vegetables, seafood, imported beers, fresh pastas, mushrooms and truffles, the list is never ending but simply amazing to stroll through!

After that, we headed back towards Putney, where I met Dan and we headed out to Twickenham to watch the England vs Australia Rugby match in a small pub, which was full of poms with the exception of us – we got drunk, Australia won, and we left the pub before we were beaten up! We then made our way back into the City from Twickenham to Renee Workman and Shane Wilke’s apartment at Clerkenwell in Central London (as I explained to gav on the phone at the time – we had to go from Caboolture into the Valley!!).

They were hosting the party for us to all have a go on their new Playstation 2 Dance Mat game.. As with all of these events since we’ve been here in London, the night degenerated into dancing, loud music, and terrible loud singing..

Willow and Daniel trying different techniques on the Dance Mat game

Willow and Carly

Nobody is sure what these three women were thinking

and, nobody is sure what Willow was doing

We left Renee and Shane in peace at about 3am, and while everyone else took the smart option and got a minicab home, Carly and I thought we’d try our luck with buses – didn’t I say we left their place at 3am, well we got home at 5pm, and it was freezing!!

Perhaps a taxi next time!!


Currently listening to: Dexy’s Midnight Runners - Come on Eileen (the song of the night for those of us on the beginners level of the Playstation Dance Mat game!!)


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