Saturday, November 20, 2004

Our first Brick Lane experience

After hearing many stories about how good (and inexpensive) the curries were on Brick Lane in East London, we had decided to check it out for ourselves. We started off at our local, The Eight Bells for some beers to show it off to mum, and then hopped on the tube for our trip to town. Due to the beer shane had to disembark for a comfort stop along the way while the girls stayed on board, and so a race to the restaurant was started.

Unfortunately, due to a critical route planning error on my behalf, the girls ended up with the wrong journey plan, leading to the transport planning expert beating us by a considerable amount. But, being shane of course, he didn’t brag about this. Much.

After a very enjoyable dinner we made the last tube home from Aldgate East on what had been a very cold night out in London, with plans to repeat dinner here many more times in the future.



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