Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The joy of having a househusband

Hi everyone

I know that it has been ages since we updated this but we have been busy settling into real London life. As you should already know, we have settled nicely into our new home of the next 4 months in Fulham. We are really enjoying life here, and are getting ready to host our first London party on Friday night. Guy Fawkes is on this weekend, and with views of the fireworks over the river from our balcony, what else could we do but invite some friends over to enjoy it with us!! John Willet has contributed a supply of firecrackers for the night (yes it is legal here to set off your own!), and we are planning a big night! The fireworks will be before the major drinking of course- no trips in an ambulance with burns thanks, already had that experience!

The job-hunting for Shane continues, but I have been lucky enough to land an easy job as a health consultant on a telephone help line... I know, I know, it doesn’t sound that exciting, but hey, anything not involving early mornings over winter is great with me! Also I have got the added bonus of being sent on my first work conference this weekend, something which Shane, the conference nut, is very jealous about! I am off to Harrowgate (near Birmingham, I'm told) for a couple of days of drinking and maybe a couple of lectures on MS- the disease I am now specialising in over the phone. Luckily thanks to many stories about drunken planners, I pretty much know what to expect....
Shane has an interview this week, and a couple of other projects in the pipeline, so he should be working soon. In the meantime, I can come home and put my feet up every night because I currently have a househusband to take care of things. Every woman should get one, they are a fabulous invention, and I will really miss mine when he starts back to work!

The London markets are great, we have gone to a few of them over the last few weekends, haven't brought much but really enjoyed wandering around. We've been to Brixton, Portobello road, and Camden Town - fresh food & veg, and plenty of great second hand clothes stores, and while we did catch the tube over to Camden, we didn't buy any funky records with that old motown sound... which was a bit of a disappointment for those who know the song, maybe next time.

We went to Richmond on Saturday, saw the white cross (where Kate worked/lived), and then had great nachos and beer at the pitcher and piano pub upriver, and walked up the hill for the famous view over the Thames valley and Twickenham, and then onto the Richmond Park and all of the deer. Took lots of photos of course, and Shane is considering buying a gun before our next trip. Kidding of course, he tells me anyway. The weather was amazing for this time of year, we only had T-shirts on all day... however back to the real London today, getting dark at 4:30 pm already.

Carly and the deer at Richmond Park - note the buildings not very far away in the background!

Anyway, that’s about it for now. Hope that you are all enjoying the heat; summer is there already from what I hear.

love to everyone



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