Saturday, November 06, 2004

Guy Fawkes night 2004!!

With the decision on the job at Ealing made, it was time to celebrate finally getting settled in London with our first Guy Fawkes Night party in London last night..

The usual crowd of friends gathered at our apartment, including Dan, Renee Wilson, Renee Workman and Shane Wilke and two of their mates, and the Willet’s John and Karen.. just to make sure we were in the true spirit of the night, John Willett brought with him £50 of rockets he had got from one of the fireworks stores in Putney (it is legal to buy them here and fire them yourself!!) – so before the drinking got too out of hand, and with what seemed like the whole of London firing of their gunpowder at the same time, we began our show by firing a few of our rockets off of our 8th floor verandah 100 feet up and out over the Thames.. They looked fantastic as they shot up into the clear cold sky!

Although it was only 8:30pm at this stage, it seems that this attracted a bit of attention from the other building residents, with a few of them paying us a visit with the threat of eviction from the building co-operative board!!! After an unpleasant and heated discussion with an elderly gentleman at our front door about the legalities of firing fireworks on private property, and with the prospect of our landlord etc finding out about this, we decided it was perhaps in the best interests of our future tenancy here at Hurlingham Court that the remaining fireworks be fired off directly over the river in Wandsworth Common park – so John and a few others headed off to let them loose far away from the sleeping retirees downstairs, while the rest of us stayed behind to watch the show from over the river…

Carly and Willow very early on in the piece

Dan's fall into the cupboard - you just had to be there..

A very drunk Carly and John share a special moment on the lounge

Carly and Renee in the hallway in the early hours of the morning

The night continued on and with just Dan, Renee, Carly, and I still here, and true to form we carried on dancing, drinking, drinking and dancing until 3am.. a great first Guy Fawkes in London, and what a fantastic place to be living for the fireworks show that went on for a week either side of the Guy Fawkes night across the surrounding suburbs!

More Guy Fawkes fireworks along the Thames that same week - some great shots from our verandah


Currently listening to: Outkast - Hey Ya! (the official Guy Fawkes night party song)


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