Saturday, September 25, 2004

When in Rome......

Well we are sitting here after just having heard the bad news through a live radio stream over the net in a Roman internet shop, yes the Lions have finally lost a premiership. However, our scarves are still on and we plan to support our team anyway with a day out in Rome with footy scarves in tow, following some commissoratory phone calls back to Oz.

We have been having a fabulous time here in the eternal city as it is known over here. Day 5 of 11 and still heaps more to see and do! Have seen most of the ancient marvels- the Colleseum, Pantheon (not Parthenon, as we keep hearing from American tourists who dont seem to know which city they are actually in!), the Roman forum which is simply amazing etc.. any of you who know Shane will already realise that we will have plenty of photos for you to see when we get back! However, he has promised no long boring slide shows, which you will all be pleased about - just the important ones!!!

Inside our Roman Holiday hotel room - looking out through the shutters over the street below

The Roman Forum

My first Chianti bottle in Italy, taken out front of the Colleseum on one of many drunk walks home - I still have the bottle!!

Carly and the famous statue of Marcus Aurelius at the Museo Capitolino, which has almost lost its original gold leaf coating (if it loses all of its gold coating - Rome will fall.. so that's why it's now behind glass!)

The coin in the fountain (yes, I know - over the wrong shoulder!!)

Outside the Colleseum

Every street we go down has more sights to see, yesterday we thought we would go into one last church for the day and ended up with a Romanian church volunteer taking us under the present day church and into the ruins of the original 6th century BC church, where we could stand exactly where there was once a vegetable market and temple where people traded 2600 years ago!!!! all I can say is wow - certainly none of that back home! A picture of it is below:

Carly out front of her favourite church as detailed above

After a quick walk by a couple of days ago we are off to do the full Vatican tour tommorrow. We have already seen heaps of amazing churches and Bascilicas covered in fabulous artwork which you can just walk into off the street, so cant wait to see what all the fuss is about the sistene chapel!!

The food is just what you would expect- lucky we are doing so much walking or would be getting so fat! Pastry and coffee for breakfast, pannini for lunch, the obligitory daily tub of gelati as we wander the streets in the arvo, and pizza/pasta for dinner with vino of course- what more could you ask for!

As for shopping- shoes, shoes, shoes, it is brilliant!

thats it for now, will update with more on Roma soon

love to you all



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