Monday, September 20, 2004

Introduction to London

After pulling up OK from the jetlag with a days rest, we promptly headed into London from Egham on the train for 3 full days of playing tourist.. We managed to walk by most of the inner-city sights such as Westminster, London Eye, Piccadilly Circus etc, Buckingham Palace, West End, Soho and Carnaby St shopping, and all the famous shopping areas of Regent Street, Oxford Street, and of course the gentlemen's clothes stores along Jermyn(?) Street. Carly got a thrill heading down Old and New Bond Street and thoroughly enjoyed visiting the Tiffany & Co store!! Most lunches were spent in back alley English pubs which were amazing.

Buckingham Palace

Shane and the pidgeons at Trafalgar Square

We have caught up with Karen on Saturday at her southern suburb abode of Putney, and the next day visited Renee Workman and Shane Wilke at their fantastic apartment in EC1. We then walked through the City past St Pauls Cathedral and along the Thames to an old steamer converted to a Pub where Shane gave me an introductory lesson in english pint drinking (which ended in a draw!) - needless to say the trip home to Egham that night night was a blurry adventure in map reading and Tube station navigation.. I quickly learned that people on London public transport don't like having a chat, unlike those on the last Friday night train to Northgate..

Our first Queen Mary, and, the aftermath at the Workman/Wilke's

We're flying down to Rome on Tuesday for 11 days of touring the Eternal City.. No accommodation booked, and we'll probably just pick-up a Lonely Planet at the airport - nothing like flying by the seat of your pants!!! We'll publish something from there..



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