Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The adventure begins

Compiled in Singapore – 21:30 Tuesday 14 September

My house renovations got finished (at 7pm yesterday!), all last minute matters got finalised (at 11am today!), and I am typing this in Singapore Changi Airport so we must be on our way on the big trip.. The first leg went very well, with cs getting on the flight immediately (some of you may or may not know she travels ‘staff travel’ on Qantas and therefore is always on stand-by) and the staff at Brisbane even swinging two seats together up the back so we could enjoy that first complimentary drink together. And I managed to sneak on 3 carry-on pieces, all over the 7kg limit – but I am certain that karma will be back to get me on the next leg as the flight is almost overbooked, and little chance of the hosties being lax on the limits – will see and let you know.

The flight wasn’t very smooth, however we were treated to some great sun-setting scenery and views out the window as we tracked across the middle on the Northern Territory, WA, and then out and over Indonesia, including going straight over the top of Bali, where we could see the volcanoes that gav, dan, cs and I have visited, and also that surfing reef break near the 5 star hotels on the southern coast of the island which we went to with the Victorians from bells beach - Of course I took photos..

We're on our way! Carly getting comfortable for the long-haul ahead

The volcanoes on Bali - taken as we flew straight over Denpasar Airport

A great shot I took of some storms over Java, Indonesia - and the last sunlight we saw until London

cs is lying down nearby in what is called the Rest Area, set-up in an alledged quiet area overlooking the airport tarmac with banana lounges and minimal lighting – good idea in a big airport like this, however…. There is a piano bar just behind me with 3 blokes playing some of the worst piano music for ‘the entertainment’ of passengers at the adjacent coffee shop/bar.. it could be the worst piano bar music I have ever heard, and I doubt cs will be napping as it is so bloody loud! (Piano Man update- looks like the 3 Singaporean Billy Joel’s have taken a break so I can get some typing done in peace).

On arrival here cs checked in at the Transfers Counter, so that she can attempt to make the next flight onward to London – at this stage she is only waitlisted, but the way it works is they have a priority listing (or pecking order) for staff and their families, and if there are other staff on the flight with a higher ranking, then cs may get bumped to the next flight (BA flight an hour after), and then if that doesn’t go well, another BA flight an hour later, and if that one looks bad, then its off to the airport hotel for her and a wait until the next Qantas flight at 6am tomorrow – meanwhile I’ll be checking in as a full paying passenger and potentially off on my own to LHR.. my next entry will let you know (Piano Man update- the crappy musicians are back!!)

The next flight is not for another 2 hours, so I might head off and check out the rest of the airport – apparently they’ve got cinemas here with latest releases for passengers.. I couldn’t get web access without paying (yes, tight-arse I know) so I’ll log this once I get on-line in London.

That’s about it for now – I’ll draft up another post once we arrive in pommy-land.



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